Amanda Writes : Pinterest Boards

In navigating this blogging world, one of the most important aspects is gaining new followers. Now social media really helps us to get out there and share our words with so many people but as a new blogger it can seem overwhelming to find new followers.

I have found that Pinterest is a great way to share our blog posts with those who are already interested in the topics we are writing about. I know I love following fellow mom bloggers (comment below with your Pinterest Page and I’ll Follow You!) and see how they are handling life with toddlers, figuring out family friendly meals, finding time for self care, how to keep our homes a resemblance of clean, and etc.


I truly believe in creating a community where we can support each other on our journey through motherhood, blogging, and everything in between. So in the spirit of sharing and collaboration I created a Pinterest Board Mama’s Write Life where you can pin your blog posts in a group of fellow mom bloggers. To join, fill out the form HERE and I’ll add you as a collaborator.


I’ve also compiled a list of other Mom Blogger Pinterest boards for you to join to continue to share your work. Also if you have your own Mom Blog Pinterest board you’d like to share, please feel free to comment below or DM on my Pinterest account, Amanda Writes : Life.


Mom Blogger Pinterest Boards



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