Life with Kids

Amanda Writes : Picky Eaters

"Mommy, I have a little tummy!" This is what I hear from my 3 year old, Maddilyn, when she doesn't want to eat her dinner. A little tummy, huh, well isn't that convenient since she never has a problem scarfing down a box a Mac & Cheese at a drop of a hat and handful… Continue reading Amanda Writes : Picky Eaters

100 Day Challenge

Amanda Writes : Hurdles

Do any of you follow me on Instagram? This morning I told my followers in InstaStories about how I had gotten off track of my 100 Day Challenge over the weekend. It wasn't intentional, we were just very busy on Saturday getting ready for our family pictures and then that in and of itself was… Continue reading Amanda Writes : Hurdles


Amanda Writes : September Ipsy Bag

Hi Friends! So it's been forever since I've been signed up for Ipsy. I used to get them regularly and for some reason I stopped (I'm gonna blame it on Mom Brain!). Well they sent me an e-mail a few weeks back with an incentive for a free bag if I signed up again. And… Continue reading Amanda Writes : September Ipsy Bag

100 Day Challenge

Amanda Writes : Challenge Update

Last week I started a 100 Day Challenge in which I would workout for at least 30 minutes a day for 100 days in a row. Whenever you first start on a goal the motivation is really easy! You’re excited about the prospects of change and it’s easier to stay on track. Now, I have never been… Continue reading Amanda Writes : Challenge Update


Amanda Writes : Pinterest Boards

In navigating this blogging world, one of the most important aspects is gaining new followers. Now social media really helps us to get out there and share our words with so many people but as a new blogger it can seem overwhelming to find new followers. I have found that Pinterest is a great way… Continue reading Amanda Writes : Pinterest Boards


Amanda Writes : Kindness

Something that I have found myself saying to Maddilyn lately is, "You can choose to be nice." Now I usually say it when she's getting frustrated with her sister or having to share her toys or when she acts out when she doesn't get her way but when I actually thought about the meaning behind… Continue reading Amanda Writes : Kindness


Amanda Writes : Balance

I've been struggling lately with balancing my responsibilities as a mother & wife with my responsibility to care for myself. As is true with most mothers, we tend to put others needs before our own. From feeding the kids first, to making sure our husband has clean clothes, to keeping the house clean, etc. Our… Continue reading Amanda Writes : Balance